Our Story

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Joe and Alison Gerken had their diplomas in hand and were about start a new adventure as professors. These K-State graduates hired a full-service moving company to transport their items to Gainesville, Florida. To make things easier, they paid extra to have the boxes and furniture unloaded into the house. But the movers dumped everything in the garage and left!

A few years later, Joe and Alison decided Florida was not for them and prepared to move back “home” to Manhattan. This time around, the moving company said their stuff should arrive in a week. It took a month! That’s a long time to go without any beds or furniture.

Because of these stressful experiences, the Gerkens dreamed about starting a moving company in Manhattan that focuses on customer service first and on moving second.

With the help of friends and co-workers, they opened Flint Hills Moving in 2017. The company has already delighted more than 1,000 movers with uncommon customer service and look forward to serving many, many more. 

No company is successful with just one person. Get to know the awesome team of individuals who work together to make your move possible.

Our Mission

Flint Hills Moving is a full-service moving company that really cares about our customers and the Manhattan community. We know that moving your home from one location to another is our main job, but we also believe in making the transition as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Our Values

Customer service is a dying art, but we believe old-fashioned values are worth preserving.

  • Honesty: We are straightforward about our prices. We treat your belongings with respect. We only hire employees we would trust in our parents’ or siblings’ homes. 

  • Dependability: We arrive on time (or a little bit early!). We won't cancel at the last minute as long as the weather is safe. 

  • Diligence: We work quickly, but we don’t cut corners. We wrap furniture, protect walls, and make sure your items are moved safely. We ask where you want things and rearrange boxes, if necessary.

  • Kindness: We know moving can be hard, so we treat people with compassion and patience. We learn our customers’ names. We’re involved in our community and want to see it thrive.

Why We Love the Little Apple

  1. People are friendly and care about each other.

  2. It’s a forward-thinking community that fosters innovation and progress, without being a big city you get lost in.

  3. The outdoors are beautiful and offer many adventures.

  4. K-State Sports!

  5. The Chef has delicious breakfast and coffee!

Neighbors Are Saying . . .

I was SO glad I made the choice to hire them. On the moving day Joe and his team worked quickly and carefully to load things up into the truck. They listened to all of my questions and concerns throughout the day. They not only moved things into our new home, but they brought things up the stairs and when everything was complete, Joe asked if I would like anything re-arranged. I sincerely appreciated their professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to be flexible.
— Anne D